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F.A.Q. Frequent Asked Questions

What is a Banner Exchange?

A banner exchange is a free service designed to help you advertise and promote your website. By inserting a small piece of code we supply, onto your web pages, you will display banner ads from other exchange members, and in return, your banners will be displayed across the exchange network. 100% free.

Why should I Join?

You should join so that you can find customers and build your traffic through FREE advertising on a variety of websites. Most other banner exchange programs allow you to use one banner at a time. We know ads do better if there is a variety, so we allow you multiple banners. When your banner is about to be displayed, our program selects one of your multiple banners. There is no need to download any special software. Our server handles everything for you. Including real time stats.

We also give you a 2:1 exchange ratio. Most other banner exchanges give you a 1:2 or 2:3 exchange ratio. Our exchange ratio is one of the best in the banner exchange industry.

How do I join the banner exchange?

Simply visit the signup url and fill in your information. Then after the account is created, log in, click the "Get html code" link to the left and copy the HTML code to your website. When you receive an email telling you that your application has been accepted, log in, click the "Banners" link to the left and upload your banners. That's it!

Is BanVertise.com Really Free?

Yes, you do not need any money to join or be a part of our network. BanVertise.com is 100% FREE. No member can buy their way to the top or pay for preferred advertising. Everyone is on an equal level.

Are there any hidden Costs?

Of course not. The BanVertise Banner Exchange is completely free. You don't have to pay a single penny.

When will my banners begin displaying?

When you join BanVertise.com your account is "Awaiting Approval". BanVertise.com staff review accounts every day and ensure that they meet our requirements. Upon verification of the information you provided on the application, we will validate your account within 48 hours, you will receive an email when your site & banner are validated. You can however place the BanVertise.com HTML code on your website and start earning exposures immediately after joining.

Can I have more than one banner under my account?

You can have a total of 25 banners simultaneously. If you have more than one banner enabled our system will distribute the impressions to your banners according their weight.

What size banners do you support?

Currently we only support 728X60 pixels size banners. This size has proved to be the most efficient.

What does the banner display ratio mean?

The banner display ratio dictates how many banners you must display in order to earn enough credits to display your banner once. Hence a 1:1 ratio would mean every time you show someone's banner on your web site, your banner will also be shown once. The BanVertise.com banner exchange display ratio is 2:1, which means you will get 0.5 banner impressions for each impression on your site. Or, your banner will be seen once for every 2 banners you show on your sites.

Can I place more than one banner on a page?

No. You may place one banner on every page, and the banner must be highly visible to the visitors.

What sites are acceptable?

Sites displaying pornographic, illegal, offensive or immoral material are not allowed to participate in the BanVertise.com banner exchange. BanVertise.com is a "family friendly" banner exchange.

Why do I not see my banner on my web page?

The banner exchange will not display your banner on your own site, however it will be displayed on all other exchange members sites.

What am I supposed to do if I find someone breaking the rules?

Please write to abuse@banvertise.com and explain what you have seen or experienced together with an ID or URL of the violating party. BanVertise.com will take appropriate actions and stop the violation and may reward you with extra credits.

What requirements are there to the banners?

All banners must be 728X90 pixels. your banner must be under 25K. Banner image formats may be .gif, .jpg, but we suggest .png. We do NOT allow banners promoting illegal, adult, offensive or immoral content.

How do I add a banner?

Log in, and click the "Add a Banner". You will be asked to provide the URL to the remote banner, or you may upload the image directly through your browser.

How can I change a banner?

You can't. You have to delete the banner you want to change and then add the new banner. There will be a delay in this process. Our staff review all banners and sites on a one by one basis.

What is a Click-Thru?

A Click-Thru is a click to a banner which will redirect to a certain web site.

I don't have a Banner, what can I do?

You do not need a regular banner. You can always create a text banner from your control panel. But if you want to use a banner, you should try to Design one with some common Graphic Program (like Adobe Photoshop) or GIMP. The other possibility is to make one online. You can find a list of online banner creators here. Many of them are free.

What is a text banner?

A text banner is a banner composed of text. You can design a text banner in the BanVertise.com members area. You get to choose the text, foreground color and background color for the heading and two descriptive lines. Our software with then create the image and store it on our server.

What banner types do you support?

We support regular image banners like .gif, .jpg and .png.

Do you support flash banners?

No, Flash support has been discontinued and is considered unsafe for distrribution.